05.09. – 28.09.2019



05.09. – 12.09. 2019

For Marwan, who worked with his face as a motif for decades, this was a means of exploring his own self, internal mood, and spirituality. With each glance, the works are created anew, and without individual features they are a symbol of the constant internal and external mercuriality of humans. In the large-scale oil paintings and watercolours from the Marionetten 253(Marionettes) series (ca 1980), vivid colours are clearly present, applied with intense brush strokes. Just as the faces become landscapes, the dolls presented in distorted poses turn into still lives.


Jakob Mattner

14.09. – 19.09. 2019

The interest of Jakob Mattner (* 1946) applies to the play of light and shadow. At the same time, the materiality of the objects fades into the background, because he is interested in the contrast between brightness and darkness. Initially inspired by Russian Constructivism and Bauhaus, Mattner has found a visual language that is second to none in the course of his work. In his installations, the artist plays architectural pieces or even entire architectural spaces, immersing him in a lucid, dreamlike or supernatural atmosphere. In this exhibition gallery Michael Haas presents Mattner’s latest works from this year.


Gustav Kluge

21.09. – 28.09. 2019


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