20.10. – 04.11.2017



Les Chambres

Galerie Michael Haas presents paintings from the series “Les Chambres” by Tanja Nittka.

What story do objects tell us? How many hands have already slid along the course of an old staircase bannister, whose steps have long since been swallowed by a heavy red carpet? What could a cast-iron post from a sprawling rococo bed have to say, what scenes have the  frilly curtains shielded from view – and, consequently, what has only the mirror on the wall next to it seen?

The painter, Tanja Nittka, dove into another time and another world – in the middle of Berlin. Her work about an intimate boudoir has no underlying moral, political or social statement, the paintings allow the observer to merely be alone – in the rooms, with the things.

The artist’s perspective is inspired by French painters such as Vuillard and the image details of Japonism. Thus, the equally focused and blurry sceneries of a trade suddenly become – art.

Born in 1970, Tanja Nittka first studied philosophy in Bochum, then fine arts and visual communications in Utrecht and Hamburg. Scholarships and several individual exhibitions took her to Marrakesh, Zürich, Casablanca, Biel/Bienne and Stockholm. Tanja Nittka was a guest lecturer at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. She is a freelance artist who lives and works in Berlin.

A catalogue was published by NIMBUS. Kunst und Bücher (Wädenswil, Switzerland)

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