13.09. – 14.10.2017



Altar Ego

The artist Nicole Bianchet, born in 1975 in Los Angeles and residing in Berlin and the Netherlands, does not paint – she works her pictures. She scores and scratches the wood with a box cutter, peels and damages the base, colors in the injuries as if she were healing scars. Bianchet says about this: “I try to be as con­trolled as possible and as chaotic as necessary.” Parallel to her studies (1995–2002) at the renowned Karlsruhe Kunstakademie (master-student of Gustav Kluge) she studied opera singing. Many of her works involve not just painting and drawing but photography, sculpture, installation and above all music.

Her exhibi­tion focuses on new large-format landscapes painted on wood that show parallel worlds of concretely imagined figures or in which nature stands for the “altar ego”.

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