13.09. – 14.10.2017



Heinz Butz, born in 1925 in Bavaria and living today in Munich, is part of a gen­eration of abstract artists who never entirely denied the relation to representation. While many of his works from the 60s and 70s might at first glance recall the works of American minimalists, a closer look shows them to stand more in the tradition of the cubists and Bauhaus artists, especially Paul Klee. For Butz’s works relate to people and their physical dimensions and emotions. And the artist loves this gentle play with forms. Like a chess player, he very consciously sets his geometrically simple forms and reserved coloration move by move.

His works touch us with their meditative stillness and surprise us with unconven­tional twists. Despite his reserve, his work is not cold or sublime at all – it has something deeply humane that appeals to the viewer.


Exhibitions with Heinz Butz