14.09. – 19.10.2019



Lost Tribes

15 September – 19 October 2019

Opening: Saturday, 14 September 2019, 11 am – 6 pm

After studying sculpture at the Folkwangschule in Essen in the 1980s, Heinz Ackermans (*1949) emerged in an environment of a new figuration with idiosyncratic sculptures. In them, his fascination with the human body was combined with a fondness for mythologically inspired figures and unusual materials and their combination. At that time he became known for example with large figures made from LEGO bricks. Such and other works were soon presented in solo and group exhibitions, in the National Gallery in West Berlin et al. Ackermans added his own enthusiasm for a variety of materials and their unorthodox treatment to the general at this time revived interest in representations of the human body, mythological motifs and the narrative. – In the 1990s, the artist concentrated on collecting contemporary art, creating an outstanding collection. Here, his genuinely artistic interests are visible in a different and expanded form. For a number of years, Ackermans returned increasingly to his own sculpting. He continues to work with a wide variety of materials that he is combining in always surprisingly ways. These include gypsum and mounting foam, wax, wool threads, silicone and much more. He has some of the resulting sculptures casted in bronze, while the material mix remains subtly visible. In his way of working, Ackermans gives chance a great “chance”, as he calls it. The works seem raw, sometimes almost brutal, always sensual and enigmatic. The human body and its parts are only slightly indicated, they suddenly emerge from the apparent chaos, or appear in some views as a large form. His early academic training and for decades on various artistic expressions trained eye have lead him to the production of most unlikely formations of an expressive, quite contemporary physicality.

Galerie Michael Haas exhibits new works from the last two years. In addition to sculptures, this also includes a series of relief-like wall pieces in which Ackermans, as a sculptor, puts drawing and painterly effects between figure and form dissolution to test.

Today, Heinz Ackermans lives in England and Spain.

An extensive illustrated catalogue with a conversation between Julian Heynen and the artist and a text by Helge Malchow has been published.

The exhibition opening takes place at the gallery and Kunst Lager Haas.


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