*1978 Athens – lives in Athens

The work of Sotiropoulos strikes with the enormous complexity of his extremely brutal images and the dark reflections on the condition of the contemporary world, which is hidden somewhere in the background. Together with such Greek artists as Jannis Varelas and Alkis Boutlis, Sotiropoulos belongs to one of the first generations of young artists who bravely walk the new paths of their careers. Sotiropoulos rejects the typical career of a Greek contemporary artist with the right education – which means aspiring to become, at best, a professor at one of the few national art academies – through participation and his own exhibitions. Since graduating from the art academy in Athens in 2004, he has chosen maximum independence and risk and has been very successful so far. The main topics of Sotiropoulos’s works are reflections on humanity in today’s globalised world. His paintings are full of allegorical scenarios and hybrids – half-rhinos, half-satyrs, people with bodies of birds, and wolf-like characters with human bodies and faun legs. They are constantly engaged in a cruel fight, wrapped in a grotesque and baroque way around spiky, prickly, and teeth-bearing flowers, hearts, and trickles of blood. Sotiropoulos is a political artist who cannot be classified to any of the movements. Until now, he has only worked with ink, gold, and glitter paint on large sheets of paper.


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