*1980 Hünfeld – lives in Berlin

Viewers of Dennis Scholl’s art enter an enigmatic, multilayered world. In this universe created by the artist, the onlooker meets characters that are both strange and funny, gets insights into their quarrels and romances and becomes participant or voyeur. They will never fully comprehend what they see, there is always a moment of confusion, a feeling that they have only scratched the surface of the story being told. Scholl was a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg under Franz Erhard Walter and Andreas Slominski. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, at a time when many young artists turned to painting, and consequently colour, Scholl devoted himself to monochromatic pencil drawings. By consistently avoiding mainstream taste, the young art student quickly attracted the attention of collectors and curators. In his blackand-white works, Scholl shows himself to be a master-builder of narration, carefully assembling its fragments into collages. Faces, bodies, plants, and other organic elements, structures, and materials all create a cohesive whole.

The focus in Scholl’s drawings is always placed on the human figure. The protagonists of his works are sometimes references to literary or historical characters, but they are usually fictional. Since his early successes, which brought him to the Busan Biennale in South Korea in 2010 as well as several group exhibitions at Kunsthalle Hamburg, Scholl’s art has been constantly evolving. The world in which the characters are presented, move, meet, fight, and love, changes from drawing to drawing, each time becoming more complex. Over the years, the drawings’ formats have grown larger, until its protagonists became life-sized. In 2015, the artist carefully introduced colour into his work, moving from red chalk to pastels to crayons, giving it an entirely new dimension. While his pencil drawings almost appear as black-and-white photographs of oil paintings, the works in crayon show a more graphic quality. However, after nearly 15 years for Scholl, being consistent means taking the next step and transitioning to canvas, so since 2017 he has also been using oil paints. So far, Scholl’s works have been presented all over the world, being featured in numerous group shows as well as solo exhibitions in New York, Brussels, Malmö, and London. His drawings are also part of private collections in Switzerland, North America, and Germany.

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Exhibitions with Dennis Scholl

Solo exhibitions (selection)

2019 Galerie Michael Haas, Berlin

2017 Albertz Benda, New York

2014 Galerie Michael Haas, Berlin

2013 Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels

2010 Galerie Arndt, Berlin

2008 Galerie Andreas Grimm, Munich | Institut für Moderne Kunst, Nuremberg

2007 Arndt & Partner, Berlin

2006 Galerie Grimm/Rosenfeld, New York

2004 Blaue Kugel, Hamburg