*1957 Columbus, Ohio – lives in Berlin

In the late 1970s Richard Jordan studied visual art at the Syracuse University in New York and completed his M.A. in 1982 in Bennington, Vermont. Preceding his relocation to Berlin in 1985 he worked as an assistant to Helen Frankenhalter who to this day, along with Hans Hofmann, is still one of his major influences.


Solo exhibitions (selection)

2013 Galerie Frey, Salzburg | 2012 Galerie Frey, Vienna | 2011 The Peak Suite Gallery, Hong Kong | Galerie Michael Haas, Berlin | MIRO Gallery, Prague | 2005-2006 Galerie Frey, Vienna | 2004 Galerie Haas & Fuchs, Berlin | 2003 Galerie Hasenbach, Antwerp | 1998 Galerie Haas & Fuchs, Berlin | 1996 Galerie Michael Haas, Berlin | 1990 Galerie Michael Haas, Berlin

Exhibitions with Richard Jordan

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